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    What to expect after the eye surgery  (HealthDay News) — LASIK eye surgery reduces a person’s need to wear glasses or contact lenses. But an improvement in vision often isn’t quick.The U.S. National Library of Medicine says here’s what you can expect after the procedure:   Initially, the affected eye may burn, itch or feel like [...]
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    LASIK eye surgery is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for contact lenses or glasses in some people. The U.S. National Library of Medicine says the following factors make candidates more likely to benefit from LASIK: People aged 18 or older. Women who aren’t pregnant or breast-feeding. People who aren’t taking certain medications, including [...]
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    I’ve always liked my glasses. They are my smart-girl armor. I liked them, that is, until a thunderstorm blew through our neighborhood recently and knocked out the power. I got up in the middle of night, blind as a bat, grasping around for my lifeline. After several moments of panicky fumbling, I woke my sleeping [...]
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    “I never wore glasses or contacts,” Matt Carroll of the Dallas Mavericks said. “And last year, my vision just wasn’t as good. I just noticed little things, like when I was driving and seeing signs and numbers and letters. So I thought when the season’s over, I got to get it checked out. “The doctor told [...]
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    A University of Kansas student gives a first hand account of her LASIK procedure – the good, the bad and the outstanding results. “I woke up the next morning and saw clear numbers on my alarm clock. I reached for my glasses, but when I snapped out of my half-asleep stupor, I shot up in [...]
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    Click here to read a recent blog post where Bode Miller discusses the advantages of LASIK. 
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    Have you wondered how safe LASIK eye surgery is? The safety of this procedure is determined by the skill of the surgeon, the accuracy and rigor of preoperative screening, and the technology used in the procedure.  Three major technology advances in laser vision correction – (click here for full story)
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    From the Palm Beach Post Wouldn’t you love to experience life free from contact lenses and eyeglasses? Imagine seeing near, far and everywhere in between without relying on your contact lenses or glasses. Vision correction has come a long way and the number of options available grows with advancing technology, which is great news for [...]
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    It’s been a little over a year since Joseph Schnell, an elevator construction worker from Philadelphia, had LASIK eye surgery to correct his nearsighted vision. Rather than becoming clearer and sharper, though, Schnell’s vision soon was plagued by near-constant glare, halos, starbursts, and double images. The results, he says, have affected his mood–he became depressed [...]
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    KTRK – TV   ABC Houston - Costs and side effects make decision to have the procedure an important one. (view video of story) Subscribe to our RSS feed for breaking LASIK news and our latest updates.

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