Bladeless LASIK Technology With the IntraLase Laser

IntraLase, also known as "bladeless LASIK" and "All laser LASIK", is another advancement in technology for laser vision correction today.

Traditional LASIK uses a microkeratome, a hand-held blade, which the surgeon uses to make a corneal flap prior to applying the laser to correct your vision.  IntraLase does away with the blade and uses a laser beam to create the corneal flap, which is more precise and offers better outcome opportunities.

Advantages of IntraLase

  • You will heal faster and recover much sooner
  • More patients have reported achieving 20/20 vision or better
  • Fewer patients have reported deteriorated vision after surgery
  • It's more accurate and safer because of the reliance on a laser rather than a blade
  • The laser cut is more sterile, which is less prone to infection or inflammation


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