Custom LASIK... Also known as Wavefront LASIK

Custom, or Wavefront LASIK, is one of the latest advancements in vision correction procedures.  Wavefront is a computerized process which measures your eye's irregularities so it can be corrected by laser vision surgery. The wavefront diagnosis is performed during a visit to your eye surgeon prior to your actual surgery. Your eye surgeon will then use this data to plan your customized vision correction procedure... Customized because wavefront is so precise, in fact, that no two eyes are diagnosed exactly the same... Which is why wavefront is commonly referred to as custom LASIK.

How Wavefront Works

laser beamA computerized laser beam passes through all layers of your eye and reflects back to the computer after bouncing off your eye's retina, the back surface of your eye.  Imagine the front edge of the laser beam starting out as a flat, smooth surface.  This surface is then distorted by your eye's microscopic irregularities as it passes through its many layers, and then bounces off the retina.  By the time this beam of light bounces back to the computer, its front edge has been considerably distorted.  This distortion is mapped by the computer and a 3-D image of the distortion is produced, so you and your surgeon can see your eye's actual condition.  This data is saved for use in the actual surgery, where your eye's distortion is minimized so your vision can be dramatically improved.


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